• Are you are planning to open a location or branch, or engage in similar business activities in Germany?
    Do you work in the financial industry, insurance industry, or real estate industry, or as an attorney, tax advisor, or auditor, or do you oversee trust assets, plan to operate a casino, or run or facilitate gambling activities online?

    Do you plan to trade goods and commodities in Germany?

    Then you have certain obligations under Sec. 2 of the Geldwäschegesetz (GwG – Money Laundering Act).

    When you begin commercial activity in Germany, you must observe legal requirements put in place to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. These are also a key component of an effective internal compliance management system. Violations of this law are prosecuted with fees, and are subject to civil and criminal prosecution.

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    Our law firm specializes in consulting related to the prevention of money laundering.
    As certified money laundering officers, we can support you in implementing a money laundering compliance system.

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Risk management and internal security measures

When establishing an effective risk management system to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, we carry out a risk analysis together with you and determine the current status of money laundering compliance. Building on this, we derive the necessary internal security measures in order to protect the obligated parties and the employees as best as possible against external criminal offences.

External Anti-Money Laundering Officer (AML-Officer)

As part of an effective risk management, we assume the function of external money laundering officer. We provide advice on the basis of agreed hourly quotas (fixed remuneration/retainer fee) and support you in the internal implementation of money laundering regulations.

Investigation of suspected ML-cases

When establishing business relationships and in connection with transactions, we advise on time-critical know-your-customer reviews. We support you in the implementation of due diligence obligations and accompany you in the implementation of necessary measures in connection with money laundering – suspected cases.

Contact at eye level for obligated parties, supervisory and law enforcement authorities

We are your partner for training and consulting in the area of money laundering prevention as part of corporate compliance and support you in the exchange with the responsible authorities.

Risk analysis

We examine the company, its field of activity and the customer structure. The extent to which money laundering regulations must be observed is examined. Internal structures are created in order to fulfil the obligations of the german legislation. We work with you to develop company-specific typologies. The results are documented and evaluated in a risk report.

Internal security measures

As externally appointed money laundering officers, we report regularly to the management and supervisory bodies of your company. We support you in an advisory capacity with regard to documentation obligations. Money laundering prevention is part of corporate compliance. In accordance with your wishes, we take over the communication with the responsible supervisory and criminal prosecution authorities.

Money laundering reporting

Together with you, we prepare a money laundering risk analysis and record the relevant processes in the company in order to identify risks in good time. Necessary measures to minimise risk are identified and implemented. We train your employees so that they can comply with the requirements of the Money Laundering Act. As external money laundering officers, we are at your side to advise you.

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